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Латинский любовник / Latin lover

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Страна: Перу-Венесуэла-США   Год: 2001   Серий: 52   
Производство: Venevision, Iguana Producciones, Playboy Entertainment Group

Жанр: Мелодрама

A climax of uncertainty echoes through the studio set of Latin Lover. Rafael Carballo, the handsome director of the telenovela is struggling with the casting of the leading lady. He is obsessed with finding his perfect "Azucena" which is creating a great deal of tension amongst the executives of Canal Internacional, the network who is producing the novela, especially since they have already begun to shoot it. This situation is being fully taken advantage of by Renata and Valeria, two beautiful actresses, both determined to get the role, at any cost. What no one suspects is that Claudia, the humble and sensual niece of the cooking lady who prepares the lunches for the production cast & crew, is about to become the heroine of the novel, despite her wanting nothing to do with acting or with Rafael. Meanwhile, Claudia is in love with Omar, an attractive mechanic, who turns jealous and possessive, and tries to stall her career, which prompts her to leave him.

Rafael is completely taken with Claudia, and proves to be a driven and successful professional, but always manages to get himself into compromising positions due to his weakness for women. His penchant for passion creates various erotic as well as problematic situations with not only the actresses he directs, but with Viviana, his long time girlfriend.

Viviana is the beautiful and elegant daughter of Samuel Ventura, owner of the television network that produces "Latin Lover," and she is hopelessly in love with and devoted to Rafael. Once a twist of fate reveals Rafael's infidelities, she leaves him and resigns from her post at the network.

Rafael is devastated at the loss and resigns himself to seeking out Viviana's forgiveness, but despite odds and against her initial rejections, he winds up becoming involved with Claudia.

Samuel Ventura, Viviana's father, and the wealthy owner of the television network, is married to Mariana, with whom he has a stagnant and unhappy relationship with. This turns out to be quite advantageous to his lover, Barbara, however.

Barbara Mongrut is the complete femme fatal, she has made sex her personal and favored manipulation tool, and she has it down to a calculated science. Her ultimate goal is to take over Samuel's post as head of the network. Enemies and meddlers beware. Barbara is the deviance behind all of Samuel's downfalls, although she lives with the constant frustration of knowing that he doesn't love her.

Things get complicated between Samuel and Barbara when Samuel drops her for Debora, a young starlet. Debora, the young and manipulated daughter of the volatile stage mother Jakeline, goes to all lengths to convince Samuel to cast her into the telenovela, only to seduce him to the point of love! Debora in turn, is amazed by the show of affection from older, wealthy Samuel, but is distracted by Fabian, a young stuntman who rose to actor. She finds herself in a heated love affair with Fabian, but her double life catches up only to leave her exposed and abandoned.






Актерский состав:

Andrea Montenegro (Андреа Монтенегро)
   .......... Claudia Fuentes

Juan Carlos Salazar (Хуан Карлос Саласар)
   .......... Rafael Carballo

Omar Avila (Омар Авила)
   .......... Fabian

Cecilia Brozovich (Сесилия Брозович)
   .......... Renata

Silvia Caballero (Сильвия Кабальеро)
   .......... Valeria

Riccardo Dalmacci (Риккардо Далмаччи)
   .......... Samuel

Paola Martinez (Паола Мартинес)

Fernando Gaviria (Фернандо Гавириа)
   .......... Gabriel

Alejandra Gutierrez (Алехандра Гутьеррес)
   .......... Miss Playboy TV Latin America

Natalie Villaveces (Натали Вильявесес)
   .......... Debora

Liliana Mas (Лилиана Мас)

Fabiana Jenichen (Фабиана Хеничен)

Martin Flor (Мартин Флор)

Jean Pierre Vismara (Жан Пьер Висмара)

Enrique Villa (Энрике Вилья)

Monica Dominguez (Моника Домингес)

Janet Murazzi (Жанет Мурацци)

Malu Costa (Малу Коста)

Paola Marijuan (Паола Марихуан)

Rebeca Scribens (Ребека Скрибенс)

Danitza Garcia (Даница Гарсия)

Milene Vazquez (Милене Васкес)

Jorge Guzman (Хорхе Гусман)

Paola Diaz (Паола Диас)
   .......... Barbara

Rebeca Escribens (Ребека Эскрибенс)












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