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"Молодые и дерзкие" - 2 (США) - резюме серий на английском языке

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9837 :39x222 - Ep. #9837

Billy and Jack talk about John. Neil decides not to return to work at Chancellor Industries. Devon manages to get closer to Harmony. Cane and Lily let everyone know that they're remarrying. Devon asks Neil to join him and Harmony in Dallas for his surgery. Ronan reveals to Chloe that he's leaving town. Ronan attempts to convince Walsh not to prosecute Nikki. Nikki and Jack commiserate over their situations. Chloe clashes with Chelsea.

9838 :39x223 - Ep. #9838

Paul tells Patty that she hurt Jack and they can't let that happen again. Patty is left feeling confused. Emily tells Jack that feelings don't always make sense. Nikki has to face the music. Nina finds herself feeling torn after Ronan leaves town.

9842 :39x227 - Ep. #9842

Jill works out that Genevieve wasn't invited to Cane and Lily's wedding and advises her to stop putting herself first. Kevin informs Chloe that he wanted her to marry him but after a threatening call from Angelo he lies to her that he fell in love with Angelina. Cane and Lily and their guests learn from Katherine she is flying them all to France for the Valentine's Day wedding of a lifetime. Gen ends up booking her won flight to France. Gen's job offer is turned down by Neil. Sharon attempts to get Adam to confront his feelings.

9847 :39x232 - Ep. #9847

Victor attempts to wine and dine Genevieve and they end talking about their respective lives and business. Jack learns from Nikki about Victor being with Genevieve. Jack meets a new physical therapist called Sarge who bullies his patients into achieving their ambitions. Phyllis learns from her sister that their father is dying. Phyllis explains to Nicholas why she can not go see her father. Anita and Chelsea's past records end up being exposed by Paul. Chelsea fills Victoria in on all of Victor's manipulations and asks her to try and get rid of Anita. Daisy is told by Avery that she can get her sentence reduced and help her get custody of her daughter.

9852 :39x237 - Ep. #9852

Daniel learns from Nicholas that Phyllis went to see her father. Avery finds out the truth that her father was guilty and lied about it. Phyllis informs George just how much he hurt her. Avery and Phyllis end up realizing that their mother knows the truth and is letting George die on his own. George passes away and Phyllis forgives her sister who is forced to tell her she got Daisy released. Daniel shows up at the hospice but is too late. Daisy goes to visit Lucy with an officer and Nicholas is forced to let her in. Jill agrees to keep Lauren's secret. Michael informs Kevin about Daisy release and asks for the truth about his marriage.

9853 :39x238 - Ep. #9853

Phyllis is determined to stop Daisy from being involved in Lucy's upbringing. Nicholas goes to see his sister and Bill to talk about Lucy. Daniel is furious with his mother. Michael is concerned about Lauren.

9857 :39x242 - Ep. #9857

Sharon learns from Paul what Adam did. Victor agrees to give Adam another chance at Newman. After Paul tells Jack about Adam, it ends up giving him the push he needs to hoist himself on Sarge's board. As Sharon confronts Adam about helping Patty escape, Ricky listens in. Adam is told by Sharon that she knows he's changed, but she can't bet her daughter's life on it and leaves with Nicholas. Phyllis sees Nicholas hugging Sharon and decides to run Ricky's story. Nikki ends up confronting Victor, saying he and Adam did the same thing, and he never takes accountability. Victor ends up telling Adam that he's no longer a part of his business or life. Nikki offers Jack her assistance. Paul decides to work with Jack to get justice against Victor and Adam. Patty remembers shooting Jack and Paul tells her it was just a dream.

9861 :39x246 - Ep. #9861

Everyone reacts to Phyllis's story after it is published and Ricky and Phyllis are confronted by Paul about exploiting Patty. When Adam shows up to apologize, Jack is bitter. Sharon thanks Phyllis for the article exposing Adam and says she's finished with him for good. Phyllis is asked by Nicholas not to sabotage their relationship. Adam is confronted by Paul at the Club. Anita is told by Chelsea thatshe's disgusting after she won't tell her where her father is. Victor finds out that Victoria is running Beauty of Nature and decides to start a new beauty line at Newman.



9862 :39x247 - Ep. #9862

Nicholas promises Phyllis that he'll be there for her. Nicholas refuses to work with Sharon developing a new cosmetics line but has no problems with her working at the company. Daniel is told by Daisy thst she wants to raise Lucy together. Phyllis interferes with her son's visitation with Lucy and makes Daisy furious by taking out a restraining order on her. Victoria and Billy talk about Adam by phone and they are worried that his notoriety will scare Chelsea off from letting them have the baby. Adam chats to Chelsea, who ends up being able to relate to his experiences. Adam is taken in for questioning after Jack and Paul make sworn statements that he confessed to helping Patty escape. Victor shows up promising to help his son. Paul and Jack hope to find evidence against Adam. Victoria wants Chelsea to agree to stay away from Adam.

9865 :39x250 - Ep. #9865

Nikki and Kay talk about Victor again and Katherine believes that his dealings with Genevieve and Sharon are purely business. When Chelsea pays Adam a visit he tells her that he can see. Sharon is appraochaed by Ricky and he offers to write a positive piece on her but she's not interested. Jack, Ashley, Tucker, and Abby think about the state of their competition in the cosmetics industry. Nikki talks to Jack about Victor. Chelsea is onvolved in a run-in with Ricky. Kay and Cane talk about Tucker. Tucker and Ashley make love after reconnecting. Nicholas and Phyllis argue about him working with Sharon. Adam goes to see Phyllis at the magazine. Victor and Genevieve skirt around the real reasons each of them are really in Japan. Jill sees them together and disguises herself as a geisha waitress to get a picture of them flirting.

9869 :39x254 - Ep. #9869

Victor is confronted by Nikki who wants to know if he is having an affair. Angie's performance ends up being influenced by the way she feels about Kevin.